Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kurt Anderson Visits with Bootsie

Potter Kurt Anderson stopped by on his way from the Archie Bray to the Hudson Valley in New York State.  He has 10 boxes of pottery is his truck and pots stuffed into every nook and cranny.  I forced him to take this picture of himself for the blog.

Look for some of the best pots at the Clay Studio of Philadelphia.  Kurt's imagery is inspired by cartoons, street art and advertising logos.  Folk art is a big influence for him and his work really reminds me of cartoons and the way they illustrate simplified narratives.  He has a rule against putting narratives into the images and randomly assigns images to his pots.  I get the idea that he wants whoever owns these to create their own narrative.

Just in time for the Abraham Lincoln movie.

The pots with the black figures are new and come from incorporating a past process but updated with color.  They are carved slip or scrafitto and oxidized in the soda kiln to cone 11.  After the residency Kurt is going to continue using the scrafitto and color along with his incising process.

When Kurt gets back to New York he will be cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy.  I would write more, but midnight is approaching and I have to get up early.  Kurt will be doing a demo and a talk at UW Oshkosh tomorrow morning.

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