Saturday, October 6, 2012

Openings and Studio!

This is the opening weekend of the Archie Bray Resident Artist Exhibition at the Kolva-Sullivan Gallery in Spokane,  Washington.  Craig and I are in the show along with other resident artists from the Bray. This is my piece above!  Information on hours and location can be found at

Our friend Alanna DeRocchi is in the exhibition as well, here are a few pics of her working in the studio this summer.

This weekend also saw the opening of our friend Peter Morgan's Exhibition All Aboard at the Philadelphia Clay Studio.

Next weekend, Saturday, October 13th will be the opening of German Mettlach Ware at the American Museum of Ceramic Art where Craig is included in the section on Present Day Translations.  The works in the exhibition compliment the historical works in the show.  This piece below is in the show.

We are making progress on our collaborative body of work and Craig is working in the basements as I write this.  For me this work was an opportunity to explore the idea of drawing and clay as a primary material as well as a chance to work outside of my comfort zone.  Working together seems to facilitate play, exploration and risk taking, but although stressful at times, rewarding.  These images are of us beginning our work, partly on our own pieces and also on the collaborative work this summer.

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