Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Post!

Welcome to blog #2.  Check out blog #1, Art, Foundations and Ideas to see any student work and artists works that relate to our topics in the Foundations course I teach at Lawrence University.

This is meant as a forum for ideas about art, happenings, studio progress and bodies of work, both ceramic or crafts oriented and other stuff.   Myself, Debbie Kupinsky and my husband Craig Clifford are both artists, so I guess I will start with our summer residency at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts.  We were beginning our collaborative works for an upcoming exhibition in November.  Here are just a few images from our time in Montana, with more to come tomorrow and some finished work.  We are currently working in our studio here to complete the project.

Me in the summer studio

We also brought our daughter, Hannah. Here we are at the fundraiser, The Bray Bash.
 The Bray had beautiful new kilns for large scale work and firing together.  Here is Jeff Campana and Kenyon Hansen loading a bisque.

John Read's large scale figures are in the kiln waiting to be fired.

The summer was a great time to work in a new environment with other diverse artists who ranged from potters, to figurative sculptors to conceptual object makers and others. 

As I become more involved in foundations I find myself thinking more and more about material, it's implications and contribution to meaning.  

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