Saturday, October 11, 2014

Big Molds at Kohler

Today I headed down to the basement at the factory to watch SunKoo create some very big tile molds.  I have been finishing up a series of positives so that they are all ready to go tomorrow.

 I already poured my first three molds and will have a crazy mold making day tomorrow.
This is how the mold looked when we got down there.  Side one poured. Scott helping to take it apart.  Thanks to great Kohler associates.

It takes a forklift to take the plaster off the positive.

There was actual steam coming off this section

side one.  cleaning up

The positive is back in.  Hilary cleaning up the mold.
Ready to pour section 2

SunKoo adding a crazy amount of plaster.
 I did finish all of my work in preparation for tomorrow.  Hannah and Craig came and we went to the John Michael Kohler Art Center.  We got to see the art car bus.

Craig and Hannah headed up top
We also got to watch Newark, NJ artist Kevin Sampson making a boat in the artery. You can read more about his work by clicking the link.  A large series of his sculptures are on view in the current exhibition, This Must Be the Place.
Kevin Sampson at work
More kid stuff and then dinner at the artist's house.  Big day tomorrow.

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