Thursday, April 18, 2013

NCECA Exhibitions and stuff

Craig and I had a busy NCECA, with two exhibitions to curate and organize and the Archie Bray Foundation Exhibition, it was pretty exhausting.  Craig is still a bit tired since he spent his whole spring break driving to Houston and setting up the shows with Peter Morgan.  I just have some gallery shots for now and some images of my work, but I have to begin with this image as a shout out to Peter and his awesome endurance with making these all come together.  This is from the Location exhibition at the Spring Street Studios in Houston, TX, curated and organized by Craig Clifford.
Philly Cheese State of Mind

Craig Clifford, Blackfoot, Detail

Gallery view of Location with my work on the left and Benjie Heu on the right.

 It was a crazy week so these are the images I have with the new wall sections of this piece, but I hope to create a work for a larger space.
Debbie Kupinsky, Landscape Memory

Detail, Landscape Memory
The drawings are from the Fox River path in Appleton, WI where the industrial and the paper making past come together with the landscape.  Here is a more general shot of the show, but I will post more tonight as well.

The Biota exhibition was curated by myself and Peter Morgan and was at the Motherdog Studios in Houston, TX.  It was a very 'raw' space, but was a great experience to work with a great variety of artists.  Here are a few shots of the show and my piece, Echo/ Mississippi with motion activated sound.


This piece is about memory, landscape and objects.  It also is an investigation of the transformation of the ordinary through the process of making.  The piece consists of original knick knack objects, mostly birds and then their replicas in porcelain.  There are not fully formed in some way, but are left to carry the marks of the hand and the idea of incomplete memory. This has been an ongoing piece that I have bee altering and adding to over time.


I am going to add image of the rest of the work later tonight, but have to get home right now.  

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